Day 01 – Where I try out dishes I never cook



Since we are coming to the end of the year. I promised myself this year that I would be cooking for at least a month worth of food. When you used to live with a big family, portions are always huge. So this time will be a time for me to learn to cook small portions and to whip up at least 50 different meals?

So since its been ages since I last cook, I decided to kick in the month of December by challenging myself by cooking for 20 working days. Comprises of 3 small dishes, 2 meat & 1 Vege.

Today I decided to cook
Salted Vegetable sliced with fried mince meat
Steamed egg with Chinese sausage
Belacan french bean

I used the microwave to cook my steamed egg and it took a couple of tries to get the consistency which I wanted.

Here’s is to the #20dayhomecookfoodchallenge kick starter for me.

Wish me luck peeps….

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