Day 03: The One Where Feeling Uninspired In Cooking


Got home late from work and feeling totally uninspired to cook. The drift is strong indeed especially when you have a challenge in front of you.

Decided to cook which was on my wishlist or more like what was defrosted in my fridge.

Claypot chicken cube
Spicy kong po pork meat slices
Stir fried mix brocolli/cauliflower

Now… lets pretend for a moment that I have a minuscule claypot which I cook in it but I actually just cook in small pan. I actually do have a big claypot sitting in the back cupboards but I’m only cooking for one here. Oh the temptation….

Oh… Thanks to my lovely brother Danny, Yogis Kale Master Robert and my BFF Racheal, Yes I cook half rice edi… Faster click LIKE this post if you like what you see. Happy now?

Btw, did I tell u that rice today was perfect. Sadly it was half cup. Damn it! But again, mighty proud I cook the perfect rice today…

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