Making A Difference – Church People’s Life


Life is all about giving back to society. Life is all about making a difference in people’s life. No matter how big or small the gesture is, the thing is you make a difference in their lives.  I had a lot of photos taken in my church but I never really had the best channel for it to be presented.

So the other day I was walking in Digital Mall, I happened to stumbled really cheap printing paper which was 180g paper weight for 20 sheets at the price of RM15.00. I must say it was quite a sweet deal and I’ve always wanted to test my printer capabilities. This would be a great way for me to do so.

So I started printed them…

They came out really well to my surprise. So I decided to purchase cheap photo frames which I found in the dollar shop for RM5 and wrap them up as gifts for my church members.

Here are some of the prints I made with their frames.

They turned out not bad eh? These pictures were taken from my phone as I was extremely lazy to take out my DSLR to take a proper shot of these things I made. Hope they like it.

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